Unlocking the Lens: A Captivating Workshop with Canon Certified Trainer Shobhit Tiwari

Four Cross Media’s Journey into the World of Photography

At Four Cross Media, we constantly strive to enhance our skills and stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. Recently, we had the privilege of organizing a workshop that not only broadened our horizons but also left a lasting impact on our approach to visual storytelling.

The workshop, conducted by the esteemed Canon Certified Trainer, Shobhit Tiwari, delved deep into the art and science of photography, focusing on various aspects of Canon cameras tailored to specific needs such as wildlife photography, daily usage, and capturing the magic of weddings.

A Visionary Collaboration

Our founder, Rishika, believes in the power of skill development and self-evolvement. With this vision in mind, we teamed up with Shobhit Tiwari, a certified Canon trainer known for his expertise and passion for photography. The collaborative spirit brought together the Canon team, Four Cross Media, and a diverse audience, creating an environment ripe for learning and inspiration.

Tailoring Canon’s Expertise to Different Niches

1 Wildlife Photography: A Glimpse into the Wild

Shobhit Tiwari’s expertise shone brightly as he guided us through the nuances of wildlife photography. From choosing the right equipment to mastering the art of patience, the workshop provided valuable insights into capturing the untamed beauty of the natural world.

2 Daily Usage: Elevating Everyday Moments

The workshop seamlessly transitioned into the realm of daily photography, where Shobhit emphasized the importance of seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Practical tips and hands-on demonstrations equipped us with the knowledge to make every click count, whether it’s a cityscape, a candid moment, or a simple street scene.

3 Weddings: Freezing Moments in Time

For those capturing the magic of weddings, Shobhit’s expertise took center stage in illustrating how Canon’s technology can elevate the storytelling process. From understanding lighting conditions to selecting the ideal lens, the workshop left us with a newfound appreciation for the role of photography in preserving the most special moments in people’s lives.

The Lens: Where Magic Happens

One of the key takeaways from the workshop was the profound impact a lens can have on the final outcome of a photograph. Shobhit delved into the basics of photography, explaining how different lenses can be a game-changer, allowing photographers to express their creativity and capture images with a unique perspective.

A Testament to Skill Development

Four Cross Media’s commitment to skill development and self-evolvement was beautifully mirrored in the collaborative efforts of Canon’s entire team and Shobhit Tiwari. The workshop wasn’t just about photography; it was about pushing boundaries, exploring creativity, and constantly evolving in the dynamic world of digital marketing.


he workshop with Shobhit Tiwari and the Canon team was a transformative experience for Four Cross Media. As we continue our journey in the digital marketing landscape, the lessons learned from this workshop will undoubtedly shape the way we approach visual storytelling, enabling us to create content that resonates and captivates our audience.

At Four Cross Media, we extend our gratitude to Shobhit Tiwari and Canon for their invaluable contributions to our ongoing quest for excellence. Together, we’ve unlocked new possibilities through the lens, and we’re excited to share the stories that will unfold as a result of this inspiring collaboration.

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